Tuesday, April 21, 2009

man on a beach

I think you’re just strong
You smoke, so maybe your lungs
Are a little weak, but you don’t flinch
When you tell how you carried rejection
Uphill. You fiercely took on the wind
When we bladed downhill
At 5am.
Physically you’re greater than me.
You have light brown eyes that are smooth
Mellow chocolate and I could be scared by you
But your aggression isn’t so much a lie
As a tattoo you wear that looks painful and tough
Yet is delicate and sensual.
Your eyelashes sweep the night air
Causing the waves before us.
I think you’re strong.
And the smell of your skin I am yet
To discover. I think I already know
Your arms, you give me them in
Your words.
I think I already know you,
Since you became the daytime memory
Of my moonlit love.

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