Sunday, April 26, 2009


You’re so self assured
With your childlike eyes
And so undeliberately wreckless
With your naïve smile
That I cannot feign surrender
Or even hesitate to run
From the fires in your ice-blue eyes
And the freedom
In your unearthly tight hold.

You’re so threateningly fragile
When you stop by late, smelling of the night
And as you step inside the place you know
Is warm and free, so dangerously comfortable
I think I could be here long enough
To lose the grip I have so painstakingly made
To the lies around me. So unfamiliarly right
You are, so inappropriately cold it seems
To have to lose your arms for even a moment

You’re so undeniably knowing
In your questions, and for a moment there
I thought I was actually falling
But how could I have been?
It was 5am and you were so unknowingly folding your wings
Around me.

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