Sunday, January 10, 2010

hummingbirds don't sleep

Am I teaching you freedom
Or when I point out the roses
Am I losing mine?

I catch u as you hover around the flowers
Too deep to risk the sweetest juice
Of Now.

Your wings buzz fast and furious
So much work for so little reward.
I’d offer a straw but
Hummingbirds don’t stop to take a moment.

Am I blocking your path
As the brigthest most dangerous tulip
In a field of green. Red-capped and smiling.
A siren of sorts, not meant to be, but unavoidable.

Your heart beats fast and furious
So much work for so little reward
I’d offer a pillow to rest on but
Hummingbirds don’t sleep while their singing.

Am I denying nature
When I ask you to sit with me and wonder.

Your mind spins fast and furious
SO much work for so little reward
Yet you offer me a runway and give me wings
But I can’t fly
And Hummingbirds don’t ever land
And I wonder why

You ever flew so close to me
When u always knew
There was no time to drink.
Even Hummingbirds sometimes buzz less fast
And fly less furious
I know.


So much promised
So much to gain
From knowing you.

Shelter, safety and warmth
From hearing you
Strength, direction and knowing
From touching you
And when you took over the wheel last night
And drove us far past the city limits
I know I had found
Trust, loyalty and another forever friend
From loving you.

So many ways to see
So many roads to show you
So many things to find
I never knew.

sighing eyes

Your skin was smooth sand
And the tide rose and fell inside each breathe
And between each moment when the waves brought you to me
And you joined my shore.
The surf is silver here, as the Moon wanes
And my driveway is the pier
You are light years away
But somehow by trickery of the light
You are before me
Kissing me
And telling gentle stories I know are untrue
Of how you are wanting me, and this is real
I want to believe too
I truly do
The moon shines so strong tonight
Ill float a while longer
Your eyes sigh as your waves lap the rock
Of my patience
And settle, knowing full well
That even the clifftops give way eventually
To the ocean.


im raw

I was never tamed
i came to show this civiliztion
u can be free and real and deep
short and long lasting
and eternal
hard to understand know or hold
yet beautiful when moments allow
u never tamed me
I wanted you to
but it got too hot close
and I had to bolt.

regular, manly, me

I stayed up for you
I stayed up long past bedtime
and just drank a vitamin shake because I knew
id sleep well past lunchtime

u made me lose the schedule I never had yet

I let you
I allowed

I wanted to dissolve before you
have you nail me
not cross, but aggressively calm
u personally lift all I could want and desire


I need to be these things


polaroid passion

You're my fantasy
sneakers, no socks
when I asked
u didn't smile, you wore the
couldn't care less jock look
and your pits were hairy and deep
and u looked at me like u sit here all day
stroking me
letting me stroke you
we're buddies
your legs are hairy
my fantasy
you touched your feet on my chest
you spread your legs and sat in my computer chair
locked them around me
watched me
let me watch you
you wore an athletic shirt
and were so laid back
so calm
I wondered why I couldnt run into you
in the game of 'im a free spirit but I wouldn't mind
being with you
a lot longer
I am raw I see this now
you are my fantasy
but you were here
you were
polaroid passion
an instant you were real
I felt you
touched you
u even left pools on my pillow

my fantasy

so many thought swim through my head
when I see you
I know it's from something I dont quite remember
or dont quite understand
and I have a feeling i'll be
revealing and reliving a lot of that these days
this next chapter
to finally have what I wanted and to then let it go
is that my game now these days
to have you and let you go
because I came to experience
and desire
but no longer need

you are my fantasy
your feet turned me on
the way the hair stopped at your ankle
the way you put shoes on without sox
the way you said dude

the stolen smile
I owe you.

You're my fantasy
and you said and did everything perfectly
on time, in line
I dont mind if you have flaws
ill sweep them under the rug
with mine.

What a trip (up) that'll be.

amber alert

its a neon no
a crimson cant
a weeping wont.
and a slow-mo don't go
and a two-tonne sorry
it's my load lightened
beneath the crushing weight
of stern silence
and conflict contemplation
an amber alert of iressolvable
differences once divine
now, sinfully separatist
horned angels
don't ask
won't tell