Friday, May 1, 2009

i don't know your number

I don’t know your hands
But I know their warmth.
I don’t know your lips
But I know the words you whisper.
I don’t know your name
But I know how it sounds last at night.
I don’t know your whereabouts
But I know you passed by two days ago.
I don’t know your number.

You just stood by
And saw me ask for your number
In your eyes
I saw your caller id blocked.

You just watched
As I walked away
And cast your eyes away from the headline
We just announced
In secret
Down to the news in the morning paper
In your hand.

You just said nothing
As I wondered and wanted
And hid beneath your gray sweater hood
Roughly shaved and
Beautiful, I walked away untouched
By the shards of growth in your chin

You just shared a snapshot
Taken in the dark room of your space
Which never had time to develop
In the bright light of our next morning

But still

You just felt so good
And I touched your soul
During our nightlong conversation
And if you give me your mind
Which you did

You’ve given me all you ever could.
A piece of your heart

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