Monday, October 1, 2007

spring snow

spring snow


spring is not far off, I can feel it

through Fall’s colors, I see new buds blossoming on trees

in my mind. When outside, others expect to be blind

by the brilliant white

of a snowy lane, I find

yellow daffodils, bouncing in the breeze

and a lamb in the field next door, sleeping under a tree in the shade

no one else sees, the sun radiating Love on the land below

how can they, when grit trucks salt the roads to their hearts

when all they can see is their rigid breath, and not a single car starts.

No one sees me swimming in the frozen lake, below the ice

how can they? They are all curled up in front of the fire

hibernating like mice. Can’t they see,

the white outside isn’t snow, it’s the light reflected

from Eden's glow

or is it just me? *

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