Monday, October 1, 2007

Scorpio Rising


I shall brave even this storm.

Even this.

I braved your silence

and found the courage to sing again.

I found rainbow rays

even mid-flight through the rain

of those trouble months when my heart

hung trailing as you looked the other way.

Today, I am stitching new clothes

and sweeping old memories and fragments of half-forgotten lies

and failed promises, a few broken years, and heavy

skies once blue,

into the trashcan of Yesterday with memory-tears

of there and you.

I shall rise again.

The hotter the flame, the higher I fly

fanned by the air sweeping under my wings

in a sky,

all of my own.

Wings you never broke, but made stronger

from waiting, and once hating to fly alone.

I’m carried by my own light now

and I shall brave even this storm.

Even this.

With no searchlight,

no money and no way out

except up. I’ll not miss the land below,

the wreckage of another dream

left behind.

I braved your silence, and your dead-end

cold and failing heartbeat night, and empty mind.

I have another quest, another adventure awaits.

And freedom, you know

is what I do best.

And as the rest are consumed by night,

a dawn is breaking and

I am taking


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