Monday, October 1, 2007


Sit at the same table

…if there is one there now…

…and wait for me.

Buy a bottle of the same beer

in case the bar runs out

Make sure you hold my hand as

we walk

…and sneak a kiss.

Let’s choose a night

when Venus is shining.

In this, our beautiful Universal

Synchronicity timing

that all souls who Love

…feel in the silence.

Be smiling. Wear a striped shirt

And have an empty space beside you

And an empty place

somewhere, deep inside you

…so I can sit near.

So I can see you,

as I walk through the door.

A space so knowingly

left there we can love once more.

1 comment:

Goth_Ecks said...

A soul mate is someone everyone wants find. I wonder when will I find mine.