Sunday, January 10, 2010

polaroid passion

You're my fantasy
sneakers, no socks
when I asked
u didn't smile, you wore the
couldn't care less jock look
and your pits were hairy and deep
and u looked at me like u sit here all day
stroking me
letting me stroke you
we're buddies
your legs are hairy
my fantasy
you touched your feet on my chest
you spread your legs and sat in my computer chair
locked them around me
watched me
let me watch you
you wore an athletic shirt
and were so laid back
so calm
I wondered why I couldnt run into you
in the game of 'im a free spirit but I wouldn't mind
being with you
a lot longer
I am raw I see this now
you are my fantasy
but you were here
you were
polaroid passion
an instant you were real
I felt you
touched you
u even left pools on my pillow

my fantasy

so many thought swim through my head
when I see you
I know it's from something I dont quite remember
or dont quite understand
and I have a feeling i'll be
revealing and reliving a lot of that these days
this next chapter
to finally have what I wanted and to then let it go
is that my game now these days
to have you and let you go
because I came to experience
and desire
but no longer need

you are my fantasy
your feet turned me on
the way the hair stopped at your ankle
the way you put shoes on without sox
the way you said dude

the stolen smile
I owe you.

You're my fantasy
and you said and did everything perfectly
on time, in line
I dont mind if you have flaws
ill sweep them under the rug
with mine.

What a trip (up) that'll be.


Donte said...

I liked this one. reminded me of a ol summer love. :-)

Donte said...
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Donte said...
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