Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Club Freedom

that moment
as I almost forgot to dance,
i saw you.
you were leaning by the door
eyes fixed solely on me.

i thought you'd moved to my city
till lasers from the strobe
moved through you and you smiled.

as I forgot to dance and
the shadows stretched
ever more before me
I saw you hold up a mirror
and I saw the light was not
reflected from the strobe
The shadows cast were
shaped like me. How could I not see?

I saw myself glowing in the mirror
you held.

you laughed

and we shared a joke we've been sharing for eons now.
the one when two
beings of light try on different disguises
and play Hide & Seek with each other.

you never left the door leaning there smiling.

yet I could feel you close.
and then I realized, that as you
looked into my eyes
you saw your own mirror reflected there

and you laughed harder.

I always forget to dance
and I realize then
that the moment you
are about to lose yourself

is when you can find all
that you are looking for.

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